“The state of affairs of an organisation at any point in time is a direct outcome and reflection of the quality of leadership thinking, practical leadership and direction that leadership is giving to the organisation”  Peter Venter, Drotter Inc. USA                

Everything ultimately starts and ends with leadership. The state of affairs of an organisation and current and future performance are deepy and directly influenced by leadership thinking, behaviour and  activities.

It is the experience of TWF that some 75% of issues that inhibit organisational performance for whatever reason, while initially thought to be problems within the organisation, were in fact problems with leadership!

TWF is highly experienced at successfully resolving organisational challenges, some quite complex, by placing focus on leadership thinking and behaviour, to enable and assist organisations to get their leadership “right” and fully aligned around the right drivers for successful sustainable growth and value creation.

Leadership Focus

“It always seems impossible, until it is done”  Nelson Mandela

  • 360° Leadership Solutions: All encompassing 360° leadership solutions
  • Leadership Problem Identification and Analysis (neutral and unbiased)
  • Leadership Alignment: Internal and external alignment of leadership teams for optimal performance
  • Leadership Issue Handling:  Neutral professional facilitation of issues (internal or between different organisations)
  • Leadership / Personal Coaching: With a focus on senior executives and upcoming young talent
  • Leadership Development: Unlocking the potential of young executives and managers who demonstrate leadership potential for the future

Building strategic value for sustainable growth.