Client Focus & Alignment

Alignment and Expectation

Before TWF commences with any client engagement and process, it is critically important to TWF that TWF deeply and holistically understands the client situation, aspirations, aims and expectations. This proven methodology is used with every client engagement to ensure that when processes commence, the client and TWF are wholly and totally aligned around the problem statement or issue at hand, the purpose and aim of the TWF engagement and expected outcomes.

TWF is deeply client focused to ensure that TWF

understands clients’ thinking, situation, needs, intentions, aspirations and expectations
understands clients’ business ethos, culture, commercial landscape, operational environment, challenges & constraints, enablers and opportunities
is able to effectively contribute to the building of harmonised and aligned effective leadership and management
together with the client, formulates the “right” and well researched 360 ° strategy solution(s) which deliver results and, which meet or exceed clients needs, intentions, aspirations and expectations
through its client engagement, contributes to sustainable growth and value creation for all clients and their stakeholders

Building strategic value for sustainable growth.